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Integrated Solutions

For Builders

We are implementing integrated projects for the developers for more than 10 years. We carry out a full scope of works on connecting houses under construction to external communication channels, own wire broadcasting network and to the Regional Automated Systems of Centralised Alert. We build internal networks, provide the building with all the required systems to obtain the state approval (telephony, TV signal, civil defense and emergency situations), help with the registration of documents, provide further maintenance of such telecommunication infrastructure.  

All these works are performed while the buildings are being erected. Once commissioned, we connect several apartments to communication services. Working with us as a single responsibility center, the customer saves up to 75% of the time and 40% of the funds as compared to the ordering services from different contractors.    

Working further with home subscribers, we adhere to our key principles: responsible approach, customer-oriented approach and strict quality control of services and facilities. For today we cover more than 600 apartment buildings, 40 thousand private subscribers in total. 

The building telecom infrastructure project involves the following:  

  • analysis of the client's business needs, the features of the erected facility and the preparation of a customized proposal;
  • design and construction of telephone ducts and fiber-optic networks, cable entry into the building;
  • design and construction of SCS inside the facility;     
  • creating the communication center inside the building, installation of telecommunication equipment;
  • development and implementation of associated systems (broadcasting system, civil defense and emergency situations alerting system, dispatching, interphone system);
  • obtaining all the required approvals by the state authorities, preparing documents for commissioning the facility;
  • providing subscribers with telephone communication services, Internet access, digital television, additional intelligent services;
  • maintenance service of telecommunication infrastructure;
  • quick technical support of subscribers.

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Integrated Solutions