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Integrated Solutions

For Business Centres

OBIT began to work as a communication operator for business centers. Since then, we have gained extensive experience in this area. Now we cover 80% of business centers and 95% of all shopping complexes in St. Petersburg. The most important thing that we have learned is to take into account the interests of all parties at once. By connecting trade, warehouse and office centers, we meet the requests of both: the owner or the operator and the tenants. We form a pricing policy and develop service packages, taking into account also the general concept and specific conditions of the facility operation.

Our capacities will allow us to serve the facility as the only provider of communication services. But we also know how to interact correctly and efficiently with other operators on the site. The most convenient for the owner or management company are the integrated telecom projects, which the operator manages from the stage of audit to the subsequent technical support of end users. Such a scheme allows for saving time and money due to the synergistic effect.

Implementing an integrated solution for trade or office centers, we:

  • audit the facility, advise you and draw up an individual proposal;
  • lay fiber-optic networks and provide cable entry into the building (at our expense);
  • design and build within the premises an internal network, from the simplest to the service SCS;
  • install the required telecommunication and IT equipment;
  • serve the built network infrastructure;
  • provide customers with technical support.

We provide telecom and IT services in 800 business centers and 200 trade and warehouse complexes in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Kazan. Among them are Galeria, Okhta Mall, Stockmann, Metropolis, Nevskaya Ratusha, FORT Tower, Atlantic City, Leader, Aquatoria, Sobraniye, Zolotoy Babylon, Arena Hall, Fidel, Erickson.

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