Interactive digital TV
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Interactive digital TV

To clients of the OBIT company connecting to the Internet, we offer to connect interactive digital TV as well.

OBIT interactive digital TV:
  •  Quality.  The brightest picture and the clearest sound as compared to the other television types.
  • Variety. Up to 200 TV channels, mostly in HD quality, for any taste and age. You can also choose one or more additional channel packages, depending on the specific place and audience. 
  • Legality. We provide SMART TV both for private and public broadcasting. For example, in a cafe, restaurant or hotel. The  Copyright law prohibits the public broadcasting of TV programs without concluding license agreements withcopyrights holders.  The legality of our television is provided with all the necessary documents and agreements. You shall not worry about fines and problems with supervisors. 
  • Multifunctionality. Under the partnership agreement we offer a variety of options for your TV.  For example, hotel guests can be provided with help in ordering taxi, room service, shopping, temperature control and room lighting.
The cost of connection and subscription fee depends on your needs and is calculated individually.

Telecommunications services are provided by operators obtained all the appropriate licenses. OBIT acts as the Subscriber's agent and, in the best interests of the Subscriber, select by itself telecommunications operators for each
channel, based on the agency contracts signed with the respective operators.

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