Corporate Networks
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Corporate Networks

Corporate networks allow to unify the structural units of companies into a single information space. By means of corporate networks, corporate telephony and the Internet are formed through which voice, video and data are transmitted, the employees are provided with access to the software and the company internal services.  

Companies requiring corporate networks for normal operation:
  • multi-branch (affiliates) companies, whatever local or region- or countrywide: banks, insurance companies, travel agencies, industrial holdings, etc .;
  • trade networks; 
  • chain of hotels, restaurants and cafes;
  • government agencies;
  • any company having more than one department;
  • companies whose employees make often business trips or work remotely.
OBIT corporate networks are:
  • uninterrupted communication between employees;
  • high data communications security;
  • variable technological solutions (VPN L2, VPN L3, Q-in-Q);
  • customized network configuration;
  • quick and qualified support 24/7/365.

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