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DDoS Protection

DDoS-attack (Distributed Denial of Service) is a hacker attack on the information infrastructure by filing a large number of false requests. As a result of the forced processing of the excessive volume of such requests, the operation of the system is broken or completely stopped.

DDoS is one of the most widespread and dangerous attacks most often conducted for the purposes of blackmail, extortion, data theft, information war. Every single company risks to get under DDoS attack, the organizer can be either an unfair competitor or an entertaining hacker dilettante.  In any case, the absence of the Internet for Just half an hour (or even a few days) threatens with downtime, disruption of business processes, financial damage, loss of information and customer dissatisfaction.

Our "OBIT. DDoS Protection" service will secure your information infrastructure. We provide:
  • 24-hour monitoring. We instantly fix the fact of the attack and all its key parameters (direction, type, extent, duration, history of past attacks).
  • Filtering and cleaning traffic. The system consists of several stages of filtering malicious traffic. It is based on the Arbor equipment - Company No. 1 in this segment - and has a high throughput of up to 1 Tbit/sec.
  • Geographical distribution of the system. Its elements are located on all key highways - both in the Russian and foreign segments of the Internet. Therefore, the attack is counteracted as close as possible to the points of origin of malicious traffic.
  • Daily update. Our technical specialists update the signature database on a daily basis for all new types of DDoS attacks known in the world.
The service works in an automatic mode, and you do not have to spend time and resources on maintaining it. If necessary and requested by your company, we are ready to use individual specialized protection patterns.

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