"Vanity" phone number
+7 812 622-0000 — office
+7 812 622-0003 — support service

"Vanity" phone number

"Vanity" phone number is easy to remember without writing it down.  Following the experts opinion, such numbers have by one third more incoming calls as compared to a regular one. A chance that a person will remember it and call you, not your competitors, is much higher if you have a "vanity" phone number.  Hotlines, taxi and delivery services, online shops, inquiry services, b2c companies call centers most often prefer such "vanity" phone numbers.

Choose any "vanity" number in the OBIT numbering capacity with codes of St. Petersburg, Moscow or Kazan. For example, 67-777-67; 212-0000; 386-86-86; 207-1000; 612-2000; 7777-33-7; 984-9000 and so on. Consider a "word number", which is also easy to remember. Such a number is based on a word relating to the business activity or name of the Company. For example: 677 - ВANK (677-22-65) or 677 - ALEX (677-25-39).

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