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We build public and in-house WiFi networks. Public points of free access to the Internet are usually set up by restaurants and cafes, shopping and business centers, cinemas, hotels, banks, museums - all public spaces suggesting a flow of visitors. In-house WiFi networks are designed for wireless office and mobile operation of own employees.  If the company needs WiFi-access to the Internet for both visitors and internal needs, it is better to arrange 2 separate networks for protecting corporate data.

We will undertake all the construction and maintenance works for a public or in-house WiFi network consisting of:
  • providing preliminary audit of the premises;
  • preparing construction project for cable passages and calculating the number of WiFi routers required to cover the premises; laying cables, installing and setting equipment;
  • connecting our proprietary system for users authorization which identifies users by call or SMS as per requirements of the Russian Law;
  • integrating marketing tools: interactive home page, features for geo-targeting, SMM and research of the target audience, partner advertising;
  • providing technical support: network monitoring, telephone consultations, free field service by the OBIT specialists in case of problems, elimination of breakdowns, replacement of equipment, extension of communication channels or scaling of equipment if necessary.
You will get a WiFi-network encouraging business development, and being reliable and convenient for you. The service can be provided only upon connection to the OBIT Internet.