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OBIT communications provider history. OBIT is one of the few companies on the telecommunication market that gained the upper hand to become the market leader, starting with a small business.

2000-2002. Building of OBIT network core in St. Petersburg. Interfacing with the public telephone infrastructure and the Internet. Providing legal basis for rendering services.

March 13, 2002. Concluding a contract with our first subscriber, The Company's official birthday.

2003. Implementing the first project in the Leningrad region: connection of the Plitonit Plant (MC Bauchemie Concern) to the external channels. Acquiring PetroLine, a company engaged in organization of call offices.

2004. OBIT network upgrading: the number of centers has exceeded 30, they all are connected by channels with minimum speed of 10 Mbit/s.

2005. Initiating new directions for providing intelligent communication services and selling mini-PABX for offices.

2006. Launching a new platform for providing IP services, supporting all existing functions (including video conferencing, recording telephone conversations, etc.) in cooperation with the world's largest equipment manufacturers.

2007. Connecting to the traffic exchange points in Frankfurt, Stockholm and Amsterdam.

2008. Actively working on the Russian inter-operator market, connecting the first home networks of St. Petersburg to the OBIT channels. The first own data center OBIT of a total area exceeding 300 square meters was put into operation. Developing a new line of activity - providing communication services to individuals.

2009. OBIT starts to provide telecommunication services in the Leningrad and Novgorod regions. The company connects to the traffic exchange point in London. For the first time OBIT enters into the rating of the largest telecommunications operators in Russia in 2008, according to CNews Analytics, coming 30th. Company also ranks 42nd in the rating of "50 Most Strategic Telecommunications Companies Providing Communication Services in Russia" prepared by the Center for Ratings and Certification of the Institute of Economic Strategies. At the end of the year, OBIT organizes a free WiFi Internet access network on the territory of Pulkovo-1 and Pulkovo-2 airports.

2010. Coming into the European inter-operator market. Obtaining the ISO 9001-2008 certificate of conformity, which certifies compliance of the quality management system of the telecommunication service organization with the requirements of this international standard. The branch OBIT was launched in Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. Organizing a free WiFi network in the territory of Peterhof Museum Reserve and a round-the-clock webcast Samson-online, allowing to admire the work of the Grand Cascade fountains in real time. This project results in nominating Company for  the Museum Olympus Award and it is awarded with special N.V.Nagorsky prize for Development of Information Technologies. 

2011. OBIT branch opening in Moscow. New IPTV service for private and corporate clients. OBIT rates the 6th in CNews Analytics Rating of Most Fast-Growing Telecom-Companies in Russia New data center of 400 square meters put into operation and meets the highest class of reliability and safety. The company begins charitable activities, which the first step is the transfer of the New Year's budget to the Give Life Foundation.

2012. OBIT is actively developing a new line of federal scope activity - the implementation of telecommunications projects within the whole Russia. The networks of free Wi-Fi Internet access are launched in the largest networks of coffee
 houses in St. Petersburg, "Shokoladnitsa" and COFFEESHOP COMPANY, as well as "Burger King" and "Waby Saby" restaurant chains. The company is 29th in Russian largest operators’ list. Establishment of the long-term cooperation with the

charitable foundation "Deti Zhdut".

2013. Bank St. Petersburg is transferring the backup data center to the data center OBIT: This is the largest project in the city for outsourcing the data center's capabilities to a financial institution. The company is launching a mobile application to search for free Wi-Fi zones, at the same time taking the lead among the operators of St. Petersburg in terms of the number of public hot-spots running. Also, OBIT becomes the first partner in St. Petersburg of the satellite television company NTV-PLUS, which connects home subscribers to the company's TV channels through the IP network. A new machine room is being put into operation in the data center, doubling its total usable area to 700 square meters.  OBIT signs a partnership agreement with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

2014. The annual revenue of the company as of 2013 exceeds 1.5 billion rubles. OBIT fills with the equipment of its customers 30% of the second stage of its data center, the occupancy of the entire data center, designed for 200 racks,

has approached 70%. The OBIT Company once again improved its position in the rating of CNews Analytics "The largest telecommunications companies in Russia" and took 20th. The Company launches a new unique service "Advertising on a Wi-Fi network".

2015. The company is implementing an electronic document management system to improve the quality of service for 10,000 business customers in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan. OBIT is the third largest Internet provider of the republic according to the Tatarstan press. The company ranks 19th among the largest telecommunications companies in Russia, and 9th among fixed-line operators. OBIT was one of the first among alternative telecommunications operators to connect to the national system for calling emergency services "112".

2016. OBIT undergone the certification of quality management under the new version of the standard - ISO 9001: 2015. OBIT launches its own wire broadcasting network: now the company offers developers of residential and commercial real
 estate a comprehensive service for the organization of radio and Regional Automated Systems of Centralized Alert facilities.

2017. An IT support service has been created which allows the company clients to get all the telecommunication and IT services on a "one-stop" basis. A large-scale cooperation has been developed with the aerospace industry - in particular, the State Space Research and Production Center. MV Khrunichev and PJSC "Sukhoi Company". The company comprehensively optimized work processes. The OBIT branch in Kazan subscribed the 1000th client.

2018. OBIT  formed an alliance with the ENKOM engineering company and enter the energy supply market providing uninterruptible power supply units.  The group of companies OBIT was established. The number of home subscribers rose to 40 000.

2019. The company came into the  Moscow retail property market providing telecommunication services for the largest malls. Their total area exceeds 470 square metres.