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Integrated Solutions

For builders

One out of OBIT’s main fields is connection and servicing of elite- and business class houses’ tenants. During cooperation with residential property developers we provide for project’s ultimately integrated approach that frees developers from many problems and works. Construction of communication network is carried out in parallel with the project implementation, and afterwards we connect each flat to our services after their moving there. Our team of expert specialists undertakes a complex of measures to provide ready-to-operate telecom infrastructure development and service for a building, namely:

  • Analysing of client’s business needs and properties of the project under construction, developing of individual proposal based on it;
  • Planning and construction of telephone conduit sections and fiber-optic networks, cable entry to the building;
  • Planning and construction of SCS indoors in compliance with the client’s needs;
  • Indoor comcentre implementation, installation of the required telecom equipment;
  • Development and implementation of related systems (civil defense and emergency situation warning system, building management system, house intercom system, etc.);
  • Getting all required approvals from state agencies, preparation of documents for project’s handover for commissioning;
  • Providing subscribers with telephone connection, access to the Internet, digital television, and also additional intellectual services;
  • Support service of the telecom infrastructure;
  • Prompt technical support of the clients.

We use our key principles for individual approach, efficiency, and high quality connection supply in the work with our private subscribers, so tenants of the OBIT’s connected and serviced houses use real business-class connection at home. Presently tenants of 27 newly erected buildings are connected to our services, and we have contracted 100 more houses for the connection being on design stage and under construction.