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Integrated Solutions

For Operators

2008 OBIT started active work in the inter operator connection market due to rampant development and business expansion. Presently we a leading operator in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region providing local, intercity and international channels for lease. The majority of St. Petersburg domestic networks and many intergrators employ our connection channels and are our clients and partners. 2010 OBIT entered the European inter operator market due to its success in this field in Russia.

We deliver services to operators on the basis of our own fiber-optic network. OBIT provides for reserve of all crucial segments and round-o-clock technical monitoring of tandems’ and main channels’ condition, which guarantee high level of company's network reliability. To connect international operators OBIT constructed trunk channels among Moscow, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Frankfurt, London, and Amsterdam. Every mentioned city has its equipped comcentre capable of operators’ connection via STM-1/4/16, E1 channels or Ethernet with any tolerated traffic capacity.

We suggest the following for operators:

  • Connection channels for lease: local (in Saint-Petersburg and the Leningrad region), intercity and international ones;
  • External access channels to the Internet with traffic capacity rage 10 Mb/sec to 10 Gb/sec with different kinds of tarification (with traffic counting/unlimited/unlimited under rule «95 percentile»);
  • Connection of telephone lines on the local and inner zone levels supplying number capacity within Saint-Petersburg index 812;
  • Traffic transfer services: to Saint-Petersburg operators’ networks; to zone operators’ networks; to long-distance operators networks;
  • Placement of equipment in OBIT’s own data-centre.