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Video Surveillance

OBIT video surveillance is a remote control of business and secure storage of video data.

Handle the problems of your company using video surveillance:

  • manage employees' discipline;
  • control the quality of customer service;
  • prevent theft;
  • monitor key events at your sites;
  • oversee hard-to-reach and insecure sectors.
What is included in the service?

The content of “Video Surveillance” service depends on your needs.

If you have never had a video surveillance system we will perform a workpackage from the scratch: we will conduct an audit of your premises, develop a project plan, select, install, configure and connect cameras, show how to use the personal account. We will safely save the video data to our server hardware.

If you already have a video surveillance system we will provide a secure remote video storage at OBIT data centre and provide access to the archive. We will connect your equipment to our data communications network and furnish the video stream without extra load to your Internet channel. We will save the data on our server hardware and spare your costs of purchasing own video server. We will provide the service all-round ready for operation - you will not need to involve third-party specialists.

Having the video surveillance from OBIT, you can easily:

  • monitor your business online round-the-clock from any device via a mobile or web-based application;
  • control access to all cameras using a single interface;
  • get motion detector's notifications to e-mail;
  • view the archive in fast forward;
  • switch between the cameras, viewing different objects;
  • download and upload important fragments of videos and photos in Full HD for detailed study of a record;
  • transmit videos to your website for public viewing;
  • record and listen to the sound;
  • configure camera access rights.