Image "Nice" Number
+7 843 567-5000 — office
+7 843 567-5003 — support service

Image "Nice" Number

You can choose any number from our numbers' capacity by one of the formulae (where Х is any figure): 77773 - ХХ; 77772 - ХХ; 677 - ХХХХ; 6220 – ХХХ; 6221 - ХХХ. You can also choose or book a "word-number" which is easy for memorizing as well. Your number can stand for a word reflecting your business or your name. For instance, it can look like the following: 677 - ВANK (677-22-65) or 677 - ALEX (677-25-39).

Such numbers are easy to remember at a glance, there is no need to write them down, which means that they have far more chances to be remembered on the spot and dialed than ordinary ones do. According to experts, the number of incoming calls to "nice" numbers exceeds those to ordinary ones almost by one third.

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