ОБИТ — оператор ИТ-решений в Санкт-Петербурге
+7 843 567-5000 — office
+7 843 567-5003 — support service

Free WI-FI

Since 2009 OBIT has been providing free hot-spots in St. Petersburg major public cultural and business facilities. We are happy to help all users of mobile devices to easily and quickly connect to the Internet while walking, travelling or going on business trip.

Free Wi-Fi access to OBIT Internet is accessible in the National Reserve-Museum of Peterhof, Pulkovo airport, coffee houses of Shoko and COFFESHOP COMPANY, chain restaurants of Burger King, Tokyo City, MarketPlace and also some dozen other separate cafes, restaurants and other St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan and other locations. OBIT Internet access is fully secure.

Procedure of connection to WiFi network:

1.0. Select from the list of available WiFi networks ’OBIT — Free Internet Access’
2.0. An Authorization page will pop up on your device. Enter your mobile telephone number into the entry field (according to the format: +country code-number).
3.0. An incoming call (not required to answer) will be received on the indicated telephone number — the last 4 (four) digits of the telephone number which called shall be the access code.
4.0. Enter the access code into the entry field on the authorization page.
5.0. Press the “Connect to Internet” button or familiarize yourself with the WiFi Service Agreement. >