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Peterhof State Museum Reserve is one of the largest architectural and landscape museum complexes in the world, inscribed on the World Heritage List (UNESCO).
The museum reserve complex comprises: Lower Park and Upper Garden of Peterhof, Alexandria Park, Peter I Palace in Strelna with the adjacent territory, Islands in the Colonist Park, Oranienbaum Palace and Garden Complex; 19 museums, a fountain system of the XVIII century which has no equals anywhere in the world. Total area - more than 400 ha. The number of visitors to the parks and museums complex approaches 5 million people per season. In 2008, the Peterhof Museum-Reserve was recognized as one of the seven wonders of Russia.

Since 2010, OBIT has provided free Internet access on the territory of the museum and parks based on Wi-Fi technology, as well as broadcasts online the Samson fountain on the Internet, which is viewed daily by thousands of network users from around the world. A.A. Guk, the OBIT Director General, and the company itself are part of the Peterhof Friends Society since it's been created.


Deti Zhdut –the North-West Charity Foundation for Assistance to Children Deprived of Parental Care is an organization helping Russian citizens to adopt orphans of different ages, assisting unwanted children from the very early age and young mothers in a difficult situation.

OBIT renders assistance to the Foundation since 2012. For this time, with the assistance of the Foundation, more than 3,4 thousand children have found their families.


Lenzdravclown (clown care of St. Petersburg) has been implemented into the city's children hospitals since 2009. Many little patients have found that doctors may come with a big red nose, that a syringe is sometimes needed to inflate a balloon, soap bubbles can become a real medicine, and a mother is a real magician!

Since 2014, OBIT helps this creative and sympathetic team.

Russian National Bone Marrow Donors Registry

Russian National Bone Marrow Donors Registry
Rusfond started to build bone marrow donors registry in 2013. It is a database of volunteers who had tested their blood HLA tissue type. Now National Registry has increased to 92 000 of potential bone marrow donors, 281 bone marrow transplantations were done. But it still needs to grow extremely: finding a suitable donor is much more possible among the people of the same nationality. Appealing to foreign registers is a very expensive procedure, it costs 3-4 times more than usage of Russian database.

That’s why OBIT joined the creating of Russian National Bone Marrow Donors Registry in 2018.


World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is one of the largest independent international environmental organizations, uniting about 5 million permanent supporters and operating in more than 100 countries. WWF's mission is to prevent the growing degradation of the planet's natural environment and to achieve harmony between man and nature. The main target is to preserve the biological diversity of the Earth.

Throughout 2014, OBIT transferred to the Fund 5% of its revenues from services rendered to home subscribers.