ОБИТ — оператор ИТ-решений в Санкт-Петербурге
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+7 812 622-0003 — support service

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Internet for organizations

We provide a broadband Internet access through dedicated lines. We connect offices and enterprises to the OBIT network through a fiber-optic cable. The Internet connection speed and tariffs are customized. 

Our services are based on the OBIT redundant servers and own Metro Ethernet network. Therefore, the Internet from OBIT ensures reliable uninterrupted connection, speed up to 10 Gbit/sec., data communications security and instant response of 24 hour technical support to any request. 

We are providing the following services:
  • hosting and telehousing: arranging servers, data warehouses and switching equipment in our data-center in the center of St. Petersburg;
  • WiFi network rent;
  • providing redundant channel;
  • protection against DDos attacks;
  • registration of autonomous systems;
  • registration and support of a domain name in any of the existing domain zones;
  • providing reliable and safe e-mail.