Extending telephone lines with RZhD numbering
+7 812 622-0000 — office
+7 812 622-0003 — support service

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Extending telephone lines with RZhD numbering

For internal communications and negotiations with suppliers, partners, clients of JSCo Russian Railways, a personal telephone network RORS GSM has been created. The network has the own numbering capacity with five-digit numbers, it is not possible to call from the outside to such a number. Logistics companies, customs brokers and all firms whose business is closely related to the railways cooperate much quicker and easier with RZD employees if they have access to this telephone network.

Together with the Central Regional Communication Center of Russian Railways OJSC we provide the extension of the lines of the domestic telephone network of RZhD to any point in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. OBIT is one of the few operators providing this service. We will connect to the network of RZhD and assign a 5-digit number, regardless of the location of your company.

To launch this service, we organized an inter-operator interface with the communication network of RZhD OJSC. The connection was made at the level of the key switch of the RZhD company, so such connection is stable and reliable.
The extension of numbers can be performed on analog lines, VoIP lines and E1 PRI digital telephone lines. Choose a number from the digital numbering capacity of the RZhD network:

  • as from 30-000 to 30-999;
  • from 32-000 to 39-999. 
The service is available only for companies located in St. Petersburg.