ОБИТ — оператор ИТ-решений в Санкт-Петербурге
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OBIT delivers services of local, intercity and international telephony. Nowadays our arranged numbers’ capacity is 32 000 telephone numbers. OBIT’s technical base allows to carry out quick connection of a client to telephone lines irrespectively of their location. A custom-made tariff plan is sure to meet your needs particularly, detailed reports that we deliver would help to control your expanses on phone connection.

OBIT provides intercity and international telephone connection in full accordance with Russian telecommunication legislation. Being a partner of a largest licensed trunk communication operator we suggest quality and reliable MG/MN connection under advantageous tariffs. Due to reservation of international and intercities channels carried out by OBIT LLC, you will never face any problem at international or intercities calls.

Moreover, to enhance telephony efficiency for your business we suggest additional services: